Unboxing & Product Review: Sharpie Paint Markers & Pitt Pens

Looking for a marker that won’t bleed through your paint or smear when it gets wet? I’ve got the perfect marker for you! Sharpie Oil-based Paint Markers are perfect for such applications as drawing on canvas before painting or drawing accents on a finished painting.


“Prim Snowman” was painted with acrylic paint and then I used the medium point Sharpie Paint Marker to draw on the snowflakes. The paint from the marker is opaque and sets on top of the acrylic paint.


“Welcome Winter” is a watercolor painting where I used the same Sharpie Paint Marker to draw on the snowflakes. As you can see, the snowflakes are more transparent as the paint from the marker soaked into the paper. That wasn’t what I wanted, however, I ended up liking the lighter snowflakes so they aren’t so distracting.


Click image to shop for markers.


OR maybe you need a marker that’s not permanent. Check out Pitt Artist Pens. They are available in a variety of colors with different tips. I’ve only used the black and I’ll be honest. I’m not impressed with the fine point pen. It doesn’t create a solid dark black line like I was hoping for. I mostly use the brush tip black marker on my mix media paintings. (see photo/video for application use)


To see a speed painting video of me creating “Happy Halloween” mix media painting, go here.


Click image to shop for pens.


So there ya have it:

  • Sharpie Oil-based Markers: Permanent. Opaque on canvas/wood or over acrylic/oil paint but transparent on watercolor paper.
  • Pitt Artist Pens: Not permanent. Use water & brush to manipulate after drawing.

Do you have an experience with either of these products? If so, we’d love to hear it if you could comment below.




Take A Break

by tkogut on September 16, 2016

Take a Break!

Even though interruptions in our work can be annoying at times, taking a couple short breaks in the day are more productive than not.

In my case, it’s my dog, Athena, that forces me to take a break a couple times during the work day. She is only 2 years old and has a butt-load of energy! By taking a 10 minute (even a 5 minute) break a couple times a day, I can be more focused when I am working. And seriously….if it wasn’t for my dog and having a family, I would work 24/7/365.

By telling my dog to go lay down over and over, she will interrupt me more often that if I just take the time to exercise her. As you can see in this short, semi-funny, very amateur video, Athena needs my attention at times and instead of fighting it, I’m better off taking a break.

Hope you’ll take a break and get some sun a couple times during your very busy day, too.





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