Mary Whyte: Master Watercolor Artist

Mary Whyte: Master Watercolor Portrait Artist

(posted January 8, 2015)

I received a gift card to Barnes & Noble for Christmas so I took advantage of the unusually warm 50 degree weather to visit the store and see what I could find. To my delight, I found a book of watercolor artist Mary Whyte (shown below).




For the next several days, I read and studied this book. I’m in awe of Mary’s talent and vision. The fascination didn’t stop there. I researched anything and everything I could find about her life and her art. Her story is as beautiful as her art.



I am excited to introduce her art to you and I’m sure you’ll feel the same way I do. Whether Mary’s style suits your fancy or not, you can certainly appreciate her amazing talent.


Mary Whyte


Mary at work face-off_103

Mary Whyte Trap


MAry Whyte sitting with painting



The below video is a nice collection of Mary’s work in watercolor and pencil drawings.



A short lesson by Mary…


Mary_Whyte_Chicken Coop


I hope you have fallen in love with this kind-hearted and very talented lady. You can find her books and DVDs at North Light Shop. Mary has inspired me to take some lessons from her to see how I can use some of her techniques to improve my paintings.

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