Bittersweet Folkart by Mandy Fischer

Bittersweet Folkart by Mandy Fischer

So excited to share Mandy Fischer’s work with you. I had the pleasure of meeting her earlier this year at the Spring Plantings show in Holly Michigan. Grateful she has taken the time out of her busy schedule to bring us into her wonderfully primitive world.

GDCIC: Were you creative as a child?

Mandy: Can’t say that I was.

GDCIC: How did you learn your craft?

Mandy: I took a doll making class and after that, I was hooked!

GDCIC: What medium do you work in?

Mandy: I work mostly with cloth. Sometimes paper clay. Depends on my mood.

GDCIC: Tell us about your creative process.

Mandy: When I have an idea, I sketch it on paper and transfer it onto cloth.

GDCIC: Name a couple of your favorite artists and how they’ve influenced your work.

Mandy: Netty Lacroix, I love her primitive whimsical dolls & Dru Ann McCarty, her work is also very inspiring.

GDCIC: Where do you get your inspiration?

Mandy: Everywhere. Books, magazines, seasons, going to an antique mall and finding that old and worm pair of baby shoes and tattered baby dresses.

GDCIC: Has your style changed over the years and how did you develop your current style?

Mandy: I try to make my dolls as prim as possible. That is what I love.

GDCIC: Do you work full time on your creative biz or do you have another job?

Mandy: I work full time at home, taking care of the household and runny my business.

GDCIC: What is your daily schedule like? How many hours a week to you spend on your creative biz?

Mandy: I work 35-40 hours a week…sometimes more.

GDCIC: How much time in that schedule is devoted to the “business” side of your creative biz?

Mandy: I work from 9-5 Monday thru Friday answering emails from customers, shipping goods, working on orders and drawing up new designs.

GDCIC: When did you decide to take the plunge and sell your work?

Mandy: I started off small at shows and built my customer base from there.

GDCIC: What platforms do you use to sell your art?

Mandy: I do two shows a year. I sell on Ebay, Etsy and I have a business Facebook page.

GDCIC: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Mandy: I hope to carry on designing. Doing what I love!

GDCIC: What aspects of your creative biz do you find most and least rewarding?

Mandy: Most rewarding is when I get to meet my customers at shows and receive emails…it’s really nice to hear feedback. Least rewarding: I dislike stuffing dolls and shipping. I’d much rather be in my studio working on the dolls.

GDCIC: What are you most excited about and the most concerned about for the future of your creative biz?

Mandy: I am excited for all good things to come.

GDCIC: Do you use social media? If so, which one do you find the most effective at staying connected with your audience? Why?

Mandy: Facebook business page brings a lot of customers from all over the country. They can see my work, talk with me, and I can answer any questions they might have. (“Like” Mandy’s Facebook page here)

GDCIC: Do you have a blog? What is your blog about…your personal life? your work?

Mandy: My blog is sometimes personal but mostly I share pictures about shows and dolls I am working on. (click here for Mandy’s blog)

GDCIC: What advice would you give an artist that is just starting out?

Mandy: Do what you love!


Mandy’s wonderful work is featured in the Autumn 2014 copy of Prims magazine!

Thank you, Mandy, for sharing your delightful work with us!

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