Pam Gracia from Soft In The Head

I had the pleasure of meeting Pam Gracia from “Soft in the Head” at the 2013 Ghoultide Gathering this past September. I was immediately a fan…not just because of her work but because of her warm personality. When I arrived at her booth she was already engaged in a conversation with someone else so I spoke with her husband, Dan, for a bit. He was a delight; very friendly and quite a witty man as well. After speaking with Dan and looking at her wonderful soft sculptures (which weren’t many as she sold most of her goodies Friday night and Saturday morning) she was still engaged in conversation so I walked on to the next booth and so on and so on. Several booths down I had spoken with many other artists and my Mom said, “Hey, that lady at Soft in the Head is free now, you should go and talk with her”. Thank you, Mom, for the reminder!

What a pleasure it was to meet Pam Gracia and even better to get to know her through this interview. She is a happy, delightful lady with great vision and talent. She has a warm heart and a fun sense of humor. I hope you enjoy this interview and her whimsical creations as much as I have.

A big thank you to you, Pam, for sharing your story and inspiration with us! Blessings my friend…and don’t forget to let me know if I can help you set up for the 2014 Ghoultide Gathering.

Connect with Pam and her characters here:


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