Master Ceramic Artists

The American Museum of Ceramic Art is honored to present ICHEON: Reviving the Korean Ceramics tradition, an unprecedented exhibition organized by Icheon, South Korea. Icheon has a history of ceramic culture that began over 5000 years ago and has a reputation for its internationally renowned ceramics cultural events. Now Icheon
has reached out to an American institution for the very first time. As the premiere exhibition of its kind in the United States, ICHEON will present over 230 objects never before seen on American soil that exemplify the revival of the ceramics tradition in Korea from antique techniques to contemporary innovations.
Icheon Public opening is from October 12th- December 29th. Join us in welcoming Icheon Dignitaries as we celebrate this major exhibition on Saturday, November 9, 2013, 6:00pm‐8:30pm.
Founded in 2001 and opened in September, 2004, AMOCA is one of the few museums in the United States devoted exclusively to ceramic art and historic innovations in ceramic technology. It is located in an area abounding with ceramic history and internationally recognized clay artists from the Arts and Crafts Movement, the 60’s Clay Revolution and the current Studio Pottery Era. Geographically, the building is located in an urban downtown district where art is an important element of the continuing and successful community revitalization program. The home community consists of a rich ethnic mix and a large academic constituency with approximately fifteen institutions of higher learning within an eight-mile radius.


Isn’t it mesmerizing watching these wonderfully talented ceramics masters? They make it look so easy but I can tell you from experience, it isn’t. They have spent many hours learning this art form….I should say many years. I took pottery classes at our local art institute and fell in love with the process. I loved using the wheel; it’s challenging and hypnotizing at the same time. I would get lost in what I was doing. I never made anything comparable to what these masters show in the above videos. Life got busy and I stopped taking the classes but after watching these artists, I am inspired to give it a try again one day.

If creating ceramics like this is your passion, go for it and never give up. I am sure along the way they had some real disappointing times and possibly wanted to give up a time or two. Look what happened because they kept moving forward. They learned from their mistakes, persevered, and focused to become amazing masters. You can too!

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