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I have been licensing my art since 1996. With 17+ years in the industry, I have learned a thing or two about what it takes to make it <smile>. If you are considering licensing as a career option, you have come to the right place.

I will share with you everything I possibly can to help you in your new found career.  I not only want to share with you what I know about the industry, but also include interviews with other artists, agents and manufacturers in the industry.


Enjoy the videos below where I talk about the licensing biz. Coming 2016…..I will be doing weekly videos on YouTube about art licensing, trends, social media for artists and more! (so excited!!)

Throughout your licensing career, you will meet some amazing people. You will connect and build relationships with them. You will build trust. However, remember, art licensing is a business.

Over the past 18 years of licensing my art, I have made my share of mistakes. Each mistake is a learning experience and I gained knowledge and confidence with each one. In this video, I share my experience with my first licensee and how that relationship taught me a valuable lesson about business.


Is spec work taking over your art licensing business? Don’t let painting spec work take the passion and creativity out of your business.


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