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This page is dedicated to those of you who are entrepreneurs OR want to become one.

I have been an entrepreneur since 1994, but do I know everything? No, definitely not. I am constantly learning. I am always seeking to learn from other entrepreneurs. In order to grow, we must be a sponge and be open to expanding our knowledge, therefore, expanding our horizons.

I am sharing with you the people who inspire me and who give great business and life advice. I hope you will enjoy learning from them as much as I do.

Periscopes with Lisa Larter

I love Lisa’s frank and to the point business advice.

Periscopes with Kim Garst

Kim offers great advice for all social media platforms.


Take small steps towards a BIG goal.

Have you been wanting to start your own business? How does one do that when they have a full schedule? In this video I will give you the best tip to get you started.

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