Take A Break

by tkogut on September 16, 2016

Take a Break!

Even though interruptions in our work can be annoying at times, taking a couple short breaks in the day are more productive than not.

In my case, it’s my dog, Athena, that forces me to take a break a couple times during the work day. She is only 2 years old and has a butt-load of energy! By taking a 10 minute (even a 5 minute) break a couple times a day, I can be more focused when I am working. And seriously….if it wasn’t for my dog and having a family, I would work 24/7/365.

By┬átelling my dog to go lay down over and over, she will interrupt me more often that if I just take the time to exercise her. As you can see in this short, semi-funny, very amateur video, Athena needs my attention at times and instead of fighting it, I’m better off taking a break.

Hope you’ll take a break and get some sun a couple times during your very busy day, too.



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