What is a Brain Dump & Why You Should be Doing it Every Day

by tkogut on April 6, 2016

What is a Brain Dump & Why You Should be Doing it Every Day

A brain dump is taking all the thoughts swirling around in your brain and dumping them onto a piece of paper.  Getting your ideas on paper is critical to creating your business success. One idea can lead to another and then another but if you don’t write them down, they can be lost forever.

I like to do my brain dumps in the morning. First I make sure to have my brain dump notebook and pen by my side. I start with prayer then sit in silence and meditate. It’s the perfect time for the Almighty to give me ideas and solutions to problems. Then I spend at least ten minutes writing everything down that comes to mind. Sometimes ideas just keep coming so I just keep writing. Take as long as needed to get all ideas on paper.

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Here are my top tips for the perfect brain dump.

  • Use a notebook. Write BRAIN DUMP on the front. Also write the date you started with the notebook and when you fill the last page, write the end date on the cover as well. Keep them filed year after year….you never know when you might need to go back.
  • I find the morning is the best time for me but find what works for you. I start with a prayer. My prayer is long but I always end with giving thanks to God for making me an artist, an entrepreneur and a creative person. I ask for His partnership and guidance in all my business endeavors. After praying, I sit in silence with an open mind and open heart. This is critical….inspiration and ideas come in the silence and openness.
  • Then start writing….write everything that comes to mind. From little things you need to take care of today (as simple as “call Grandma for that recipe”) and also write down BIG dreams and goals. Any idea that comes to you, write it down. At the time you may wonder why some ideas pop in your head….it may be revealed to you down the road.
  • Then use highlighters to distinguish things that need your immediate attention and things that are big ideas. It’s also a good idea to use sticky tabs to stick to the pages with BIG ideas that might not make sense to you now. That way months from now or even a year or more from now when your career takes a turn that you weren’t expecting or an opportunity arises, you can go back and look at those tabs. You may find that those big ideas will help you now.
  • Do this daily or at least every other day. Some days are so busy, you may not have time for a brain dump but doing it daily is the goal.
  • Keep your a small pad of paper and pen next to your bedside and in your purse so when inspiration hits you, you can write it down and add it to your notebook when you can.

GDCIC signatureTell me…..does this make sense to you? Do you think this will help you in your business? If you aren’t currently doing this, give it a try. Do it for an entire week and tell me what happened in the comments below. You will be surprised at how inspired you get and how many ideas were locked up in that brain of yours just waiting to come out!!!

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Angie Smith September 21, 2016 at 6:06 pm

I was doing a brain dump myself today, but your article was inspiring to do it more often and with more freedom. Thanks for your words


tkogut January 3, 2017 at 9:26 pm

You’re welcome, Angie! Thanks for commenting 🙂


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